Art in Aviation

Bomhoff Ltd. aims to become one of the premier manufacturers of bespoke business jet components. We will use the finest materials to create products that push the creative limits of high-tech manufacturing. We take pride in meeting our customers’ needs, whatever they may be.

A level above

Bomhoff Ltd. is a nimble startup focused on design, R&D, and production of custom aviation interior components.  With over 100 years of combined experience in aerospace, our company has the experience to deliver unparalleled innovation and quality. With new technologies in composites and modern manufacturing techniques, Bomhoff Ltd. aims to utilize our experience to make truly remarkable products.

Art in Aviation

Future forward Innovation

While we’re well-versed in traditional methods, we routinely seek to expand our knowledge and capabilities. It’s in the blend of time-honored traditions and new materials and methods where Bomhoff Ltd. aims to shine.

Company Profile

Bomhoff Ltd. isn’t just a startup, it’s part of a family tradition that spans nearly 70 years. From light turboprops to custom 747s and everything in between.




Bomhoff Ltd uses knowledge of the industry to maximize our capabilities. If there’s something we can’t do in house, odds are we have a partner who can.



The Work

We have a relentless focus on quality. It’s a way of doing things that all employees agree is critical to our mission. View our portfolio of work to see the difference. 



Attention to Detail

Our team of experienced craftspeople take meticulous care to ensure that every last detail of your product not only meets specifications but exceeds them.

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