Our Story

Bomhoff Limited isn’t just a startup, it’s part of a family tradition that spans nearly 70 years. From light turboprops to custom 747s and everything in between, products made by Bomhoff family companies can be found in some of the most iconic aircraft in the skies.

1952 marks the official beginning of the Bomhoff family’s entry into the aviation business. That year, H.R. Bomhoff founded Precision Pattern Incorporated. H.R. had become an expert cabinet maker while employed at the Beech Aircraft Company in Wichita. At Beech he oversaw the production of cutting-edge new technologies and manufacturing methods. His handywork could be found on many original Beech prototypes and production aircraft. In Precision Pattern, H.R. built a company that would go on to become one of the premier suppliers of business jet cabinetry in the world.

After several acquisitions, the company still produces cabin interiors at its original facility in Wichita. Its products can be found on everything from turboprops to custom jumbo jets, the most visible of which are likely a pair of custom 747s, most often known as Air Force One.

The story continues today through H.R.’s son, Russell Bomhoff. Russ began as an apprentice on the shop floor at Precision Pattern in the 1960s and quickly worked his way up from cabinet maker to marketing executive. He attended the University of Kansas and obtained a degree in a subject that had become a keen interest of his design.

Years Experience

Bomhoff Incorporated

With a new mission, Bomhoff Inc. quickly began building extremely high-quality products for a variety of global customers. By 1998, the company had outgrown its Seattle area facility and moved to Tucson, Arizona to begin a new chapter. Months later, the company opened its 90,000 sqft facility and began production on multiple products including cabinets, galleys, headliners, lighting systems, pressure tanks, upholstery, and more. 

Bomhoff Inc had in-house engineering, prototyping, and full-scale manufacturing abilities. It produced everything from small mockups to complete BBJ shipsets. With its own testing facilities and FAA certified burn lab, the company was able to move rapidly from ideation, to model, to fully certified first articles.  

Its work on BBJs led to the opening of a Wichita facility in 1999. As it became a key supplier to Bombardier’s Global Express, Challenger, and Learjet programs, it opened a facility in Montreal in 2000. Everett, Wa was opened in 2001. In just 5 years, Bomhoff Incorporated had grown from 2 founding members to an multi-national organization with over 370 employees.

Bomhoff Incorporated was sold in 2002 to BE Aerospace. Bomhoff Inc’s talent was able to translate the company’s expertise in business aviation into the commercial market. The Tucson facility continued to excel in cutting-edge design and manufacturing, producing some of the most recognizable Super First Class products in the world.

Bomhoff Limited

The idea of a second generation Bomhoff Inc, or “B2”, was originally hatched in 2018. Then, a group of former Bomhoff Inc employees approached Russ about starting a venture to take on some of the more niche and challenging opportunities that were being presented with new technologies. After much contemplation, Bomhoff Limited purchased its new Tucson facility in 2020.

Bomhoff Limited’s goal is to become a premier manufacturer of bespoke business jet monuments and interior furnishings. We use the finest materials, exceptional artistic craftsmanship and state of the art manufacturing methods to create components of superb refinement for the few who seek the ultimate in quality.

Company Vision

Bomhoff Limited has a relentless focus on quality. It’s a way of doing things that all employees agree is critical to our mission.


Doing what we say we’re going to do, when we’re going to do it, to the very best of our ability. This includes going the extra mile for our customers and keeping our word to our suppliers.


Commitment to our people 

Bomhoff Limited realizes that a company is more than just a mechanism to create value- it’s where people choose to spend a good portion of their lives. As an organization, we owe our people the opportunity to thrive.


Continual Improvement 

Keep an open mind. Avoid stagnation by revisiting the basics and take nothing for granted. 


Founding Team

Russ Bomhoff, CEO

Russ brings decades of experience in the design and engineering of aircraft interiors. He grew Bomhoff Incorporated from a concept to a company with over 370 employees. Adept in management, Russ was known as the boss who invested in his employees and made Bomhoff Inc a great place to work. Russ uses his decades of experience to oversee all aspects of product development and delivery.

Marion Greenlee, VP Production

Marion met Russ Bomhoff in Wichita, Kansas where they both worked at Precision Pattern. Marion was Bomhoff Incorporated’s first employee and helped grow the company into an industry leader. Marion is experienced in all areas of general aviation interior manufacturing including cabinetry, cabin liners, composites, metal machining, prototypes, small production runs, seating and inventory control. Marion is an experienced manager, overseeing the implementation of new company divisions and the training of full production teams.

Brian Bomhoff, VP Operations

Brian oversees operations of the Tucson facility. He brings experience in consulting, fundraising, user experience design, and government. With an MBA specialization in sustainability and systems thinking, he works to constantly improve the company’s cutting-edge abilities. An avid pilot and skydiver, Brian is fascinated by all things aviation and the opportunities that lie ahead.